• Geotechnical in situ tests

    Essais géotechniques in situ

    -coring & recovery of undisturbed samples -pressuremeter tests - recording of drilling parameters -CPT, CPTU dynamic penetrometer - trial pits - destructive drilling - auger drilling - in-situ test: SPT, shear vane test, Lefranc test, Lugeon test, pumping test, plate load test, in-situ density measurement

  • Geotechnical laboratory tests

    Essais géotechniques de laboratoire

    -physical tests: sieve analysis, hydrometer, Atterberg limits, water content, densities, -Mechanical tests: triaxial, oedometer, permeability, direct shear tests, uniaxial compression test, road building tests, chemical analysis

  • Geotechnical instrumentation installation & monitoring

    Instrumentation géotechniques, pose & suivi

    -Instrumentation: inclinometers, extensometers, piezometers, settlement gauge, pendulums, monitoring, centralization of the data

  • Soil studies

    - G1 geotechnical mission (standard NF P94-500) : analysis of geotechnical tests, foundations calculation, and design of geotechnical solutions according to current standards (Eurocode 7, fascicule 62, DTU 13.2)